Particulate contamination of oil is the major source of wear and failure in hydraulic systems, bearings, gears and engines. It is very important to know the cleanliness level of your oil and make every effort to keep it clean.
Oilclean Check was specifically developed as a portable indicator for the maintenance staff to detect any fluid cleanliness changes, as a part of Proactive Maintenance.

Oilclean Check is small and lightweight and can be easily
connected to any system using Test Point fittings. It is a mechanical instrument without any electrical supply .It can be
used in the field, to provide immediate information about the oil condition. It takes only a few minutes to do a test and get ISO and NAS cleanliness levels of the oil.
There are two models, for low and high pressure systems, that can provide online or bottle sample analysis. Regular oil cleanliness monitoring and corrective actions will extend machine life and reduce operation costs.


  • Lubricants, Hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic systems, Gears, Engines
  • Filter tests
  • Steel, Paper Mills
  • Plastic Industry
  • Ships, Offshore Industry
  • Mining, Off-Highway
  • Military, Aerospace