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Alfafilter® compressed air filter housings are used to remove solid particles, liquid and aerosols from compressed air systems.

Alfafilter® process filtration for food and beverage processing, is a safe and an economic method for removing impurities and extending the shelf life of many consumable products.

Alfafilter® vacuum pump oil separator elements and vacuum pump protection filters are developed to separate the oil mist out of the air stream and to protect the vacuum pump from different forms of contamination.

Alfafilter® compressed air dryers are developed to eliminate moisture and thus produce dry non saturated compressed air with no chance of further condensation.

Alfafilter® condensate drainage and separation systems are used to discharge amounts of liquid contaminants from compressed air systems and for the condensate treatment process which separates the condensate from dirt, oil and hydrocarbons.

Alfafilter® offers a full range of optimized alternative filter elements that perform “equal to or better” than the original manufacturers elements

Alfafilter® offers two ranges of high efficient breathing air systems. For industrial applications we offer breathing air generators in accordance to EN12021. For medical applications we offer medical breathing air generators in accordance to Pharmacopee Europeene.

Alfafilter® offers a wide range of high quality air filtration products used in the automotive-, HVAC-, Food-, Bio & Pharma industry.

Alfafilter® offers one of the world’s best solutions for self-production of nitrogen. Nitrogen generator is a modular system, which therefore can be easily increased as needed and with optional integrated (O2) oxygen meter

Biogas is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source. Biogas is obtained thanks to the anaerobic digestive reaction of renewable raw materials including biomasses, animal waste and agro-industrial waste disposals.

About Alfafilter

High quality filtration

Alfafilter® offers high quality filtration and treatment systems for industrial and sterile applications, compressed air, vacuum pump systems and industrial refrigerant systems that use oil separators for ammonia, freon or propane.

We also manufacture filtration equipment for biogas applications and nitrogen or compressed air packages (membrane, PSA, TSA and VPSA).

In order to support our clients worldwide, we offer on-site support and filtration tests for manufacturing processes improvement. Our team of engineers covers all technical disciplines such as Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Industrial design & (3D) cad engineering and Pharmaceutical sciences.

In over 35 countries, we have a convincing portfolio of successful references, which is available on request. Our portfolio, among many others, includes astonishing well-known companies such as Saudi-Aramco, BP, Shell, Total, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Heinz, AB Inbev, Heineken.


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