Natural gas filtration

Biogas filtration

Biogas is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source. Biogas is obtained thanks to the anaerobic digestive reaction of renewable raw materials including biomasses, animal waste and agro-industrial waste disposals. This biological process does not deteriorate the overall CO2 balance and represents a positive contribution to the reduction of greenhouse effects.

The correct filtration and purification of Biogas are both of fundamental importance in optimizing the energetic and economic properties within co-generators (CHPs). Alfafilter® meets the specific technical needs of Biogas plants thanks to an extensive range of dedicated Biogas solutions, including the innovative ABT-Filter series.
Alfafilter® is able to design filtration solutions for low pressure and high pressure systems.
Alfafilter® offers 4 different ranges of unique designed filter housings for Biogas. Depending from the actual gas flow, working pressure, moisture load and dirt load, we can propose different kind of filtration media to remove solid particles and moisture from Biogas.

Our ABT-Filter serie is constructed with a 3-way filtration system, containing a baffle plate, a demister pack and a specially designed filter coalescor element , constructed of a deep pleated polyester pack and a secondary polymer filtration layer.


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