Alternative filter elements

Alfafilter® offers a full range of optimized alternative filter elements that perform “equal to or better” than the original manufacturers elements in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 (E) and ISO 12500 -1:2007, ISO 12500-2: 2007 and ISO 12500-3:2009.

These elements are developed using high grade materials to ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency.
The matching filter elements are available in several filtration grades to meet a wide range of industrial and medical applications. Our industrial filter elements can be manufactured from cellulose, micro glass fiber, stainless steel mesh or expanded stainless steel. For the removal of micro-organisms we use PTFE and PES membranes. Alfafilter® uses a pleated filter design which guarantees an increasing separation efficiency and a lower differential pressure which results in a long service life of the filter element, giving our filter a low lifetime cost in comparison to alternative compressed air filters. Thanks to the use of high quality materials for our filter elements, they are highly reliable even under critical operating conditions.

All of our filters are independently validated and meet the ISO8573.1 norm and the ISO12500.1 norm. Our filters can be constructed with FDA approved materials under chapter CFR 21 and are standard validated by Bureau Veritas.

We have alternatives filter elements available for the following brands:

  • Zander (Parker)
  • Balma
  • Domnick Hunter (Parker)
  • Ceccatto
  • Donaldson / Ultrafilter 90’s series
  • Mark
  • Donaldson / Ultrafilter 80’s series
  • Mauguière
  • Hankison (SPX)
  • Pulska
  • Hiross (Parker)
  • Pneumatech
  • Walker Filtration
  • Worthington Creyssensac
  • FST
  • Chicago Pneumatic (G)/(NPT)
  • Compair (Gardner Denver)
  • Zonder
  • Atlas Copco
  • Kaeser
  • Balma
  • Omega Air
  • ABAC
  • OMI
  • Agre
  • Boge
  • ALUP
  • Airfilter Engineering
  • Mikropor
  • Other alternatives on request


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