The quality of filter elements is increasingly important, first because the requirements for clean compressed air and technical gases are constantly being raised, and second because awareness of the environment and energy efficiency is always on the increase.
Alfafilter has once again demonstrated that it is one of the most innovative suppliers in the market with the introduction of its new high-performance filter elements with efficiency of 99.99998%. And, thanks to the unique combination of binder-free, non woven nano-fiber filter media and pleating technology, a reduction in energy costs of 70% is achieved as
well as improved filtration performance!

450% Greater filter area !
The secret of this vast increase in performance lies in the pleating of the nano filter media. The pleating process mechanically folds the non-woven filter media many times. This makes the filter are 450% larger than that of a conventional filter element.

Many added-value benefits
You obtain obvious benefits when you use the new pleated high-performance filter element:

  • low differential pressure
  • improved filtration efficiency
  • greater dirt-capturing capacity
  • 70 % lower energy costs

In addition, the new nano-filter media is ‘oleo-phobic’, which means oil and water are actively rejected, so the differential pressure drop (and therefore operating costs) are reduced to a minimum compared to conventional filter elements.