Alfafilter high performance industrial filter – the intelligent filter system guarantees compressed air pure and safe. The system is technically superior.

  • Three-part filter housing construction
  • Patented high performance filter elements
  • Automatic, electronic level-controlled condensate drain with a specification including.
  • Continuous energy consumption monitoring

The shutoff valve
Our high performance filter housing is supplied with a factory fitted shutoff valve so that the condensate drain can be maintained without interrupting the compressed air supply.

The condensate drain
With the combination of a high performance filter and condensate drain Alfafilter offers an integrated system solution that guarantees the ultimate in operating security. The automatically operating condensate drain is electronically level controlled which discharges condensate without loss of compressed air.

Superior construction of the three-part filter housing

  • The fastening ring guarantees secure opening and sealing of the housing
  • Audible alarm sound to prevent opening of the filter housing under pressure
  • Secure sealing of housing components due to cone and o-ring connection
  • Push and turn technology ensures easy exchange of filter element
  • Minimal pressure loss due to improved flow technology
  • Long life thanks to epoxy resin coating Conical design and smooth lower filter zone
  • Ensures no condensate is transferred