Sintered metal filter elements

Alfafilter manufactures a range of industry standard stainless steel filter cartridges suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including petrochemical.

The robustness of design, that is provided by a fully welded metallic element or cartridge, is required to resist deterioration in harsh operating environments where the fluids present are aggressive, high temperatures are experienced or where the operating differential pressures are high.

For some filtration applications, the use of a conventional disposable polymeric cartridge may simply be environmentally unacceptable and the use of a re-cleanable cartridge will often give more cost effective filtration.

AlfaSinter F Sintered Metal Fibre

Manufactured from random laid metal fibres, sinter bonded to form a uniform high porosity filter medium, AlfaSinter F offers:

  • high permeability
  • low clean and operating pressure drops
  • excellent cleanability and dirt holding capacity
  • long life
  • minimal maintenance costs
  • Pleatable, offering higher filtration area per element
  • available in 316L as standard with other alloys such as 304L stainless steel, Inconel® 601, Hastelloy® X, NiCrMo Alloy 59 and FeCrAl Alloy on request

AlfaSinter P Sintered Metal Powder

A robust filter material manufactured from sinter bonded metal powders, AlfaSinter P offers:

  • low permeability, but extremely robust construction
  • depth filtration
  • high resistance to corrosion
  • self-supporting construction eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • efficient and cost effective
  • available in 316L as standard with other alloys such as 304L stainless steel, Inconel® 600, Hastelloy® X and Monel® on request, as well as sintered powdered bronze

AlfaSinter M Metal Mesh

Precision woven meshes in various types of weaves from plain square mesh to Dutch (Hollander) Twill Weave to give the most defined absolute rating. AlfaSinter M offers:

  • plain square weave for simple sieving duties through various weave patterns (Reverse Plain Dutch, Broad Mesh Twill and Single Plain Weave) to Dutch Twill Weave to provide for the most comprehensive selection of surface filtration duties
  • good permeability
  • high tensile strength
  • available from single wrap designs through to complex multi-layered structures in pleated constructions to optimise the area available
  • some meshes available in a diffusion bonded versions to increased performance security of pore shape and size
  • available in the broadest range of pore sizes of any filter media type
  • available in 316L stainless steel as standard with other alloys such as 304L stainless steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy® and Monel® on request

AlfaSinter MC Sintered Metal Composite

A multi-layer precision filter mesh that is produced using a novel sintering process, AlfaSinter MC offers:

  • a superior, mechanically strong structure
  • fabricated shapes without expensive support structures or joining strips
  • can be reused as the structure allows repeated cleaning, providing an economical choice
  • non-shedding media that provides resistance to mechanical abrasion
  • easily custom-engineered to meet required specifications of materials, strength, flow requirements, thickness, micron rating and environment
  • depending on atmospheric conditions, it can be used in temperatures up to 540ºC (1004ºF), with intermittent operating peaks up to 650ºC (1202ºF)
  • primarily made from 316L stainless steel, it is also available in Inconel®, Hastelloy® and Monel® materials for use in the most aggressive environments
  • resistance to most chemicals